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About The Podcast

Two of Cups Podcast is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Keira and Claire. Join us as we take a dive into the unknown and learn about topics ranging from mental health and self acceptance to astrology and tarot. Discover the fascinating history behind new age culture over a cup of tea while we discuss our thoughts and teachings on the game called life. 

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       After growing up in the Pacific North West, Claire moved to Wyoming to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre. During this time she met Keira and found an interest in Tarot and Astrology! After graduating, Claire began to explore different avenues of online entertainment including building a channel on Twitch.


       With the aim of creating more content surrounding mindfulness and self evaluation, Claire is excited to create a podcast with someone that she grew so close to over the years! She plans to grow her online communities around Twitch and other platforms in the future as well!

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          Keira spent most of her childhood and early adulthood in Wyoming, where she went to the University of Wyoming and met her best friend and co-host Claire. Getting a degree in Musical Theatre primed Keira for the many creative projects she has taken on over the years, including this podcast! 

          Now Keira is based in the Pacific North West, enjoying the lush green forests and stormy coastline as much as possible in her free time. She has continued to act and sing in theatre, YouTube, and film productions whenever she has been able. Keira is very excited to be a part of this creative project with Claire and to continue exploring new pathways of personal growth.


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